Friday, June 20, 2014

Zombicide Survivors

I know these are several years after the original release of Zombicide Season 1, but I just recently got around to painting my full set. Pictured first are the original six, plus Nick which was the only promo I got my hands on at the time. I've since gotten Dave, but he isn't painted yet so no photo.

I stuck with bright, comic-like colors...I think it stays with the theme of the game.

Next are a handful of customs I did. I've learned that no matter what game I buy, I always want more or something different. Zombicide opens the opportunities for all sorts of creativity. Two of these, Brad ( who my custom card renamed Harry) and Chaz are actual Zombicide characters, but since the promos are so scarce, I made mine from the Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors set. I'm happy with them and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg on eBay. From left to right, Harry, Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), Chaz, Frank (The Punisher), Wilson (The Kingpin), and Glenn (The Walking Dead). 

All except Wilson were made from the Wargames Factory set. Wilson is a Malifaux Mr. Graves.

Several more customs in mind, and I'm expecting the Wargames Factory Women Survivors set in the mail any day now...

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