Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First LOTR game

Well, after many weeks of accumulating, painting, and preparing for a game, my son and I finally hooked up with another father/son combo for some LOTR Strategy Battle Game action!

We set up two armies...My son teamed up with the other dad with their Uruk Hai and Orc army...His son and I joined our forces of good-dwarves and wood elves. We fought in and around a ruined city complete with graveyard and a few trees...lots of difficult obstructions for my Elven archers.

Some of the Uruk Hai went straight through the city...

Others went up the left side to clash with the Dwarven forces...

Though really blurry, the top of the picture shows my wood elves taking on their troll. Meanwhile, the dwarves move to fend off the Uruk Hai in the midst of the city...

Ultimately, we called a draw...But it was a blast! Lots more troops and terrain in the making, and I hope to take more pictures next time out.

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  1. Nice looking layout, and while darker than I like, your paint jobs are good,