Saturday, May 12, 2012

Goblin Attack!!

Seven of us gathered around the game table last Sunday for some LOTR SBG. It was the first we'd been able to play in what seems like ages! We played two of my recently written scenarios, and those played through in about 45 mins-1 hour each. Then we set up a small village and the Warriors of Minas Tirith attempted to hold off a superior number of goblins and Uruk hai berserkers.

All scenery except the square dice tower was produced by my company, BATTLESCAPES TERRAIN, although the stone walls had not been flocked at this point. All the goblins, Warriors of Minas Tirith, and the dice tower were the work of my friend Joel's company, A Hole in the Ground Terrain.

The warriors gather at the city walls as the goblin force approaches..

Given the goblins ability to climb, the walls weren't as great of a barrier as the warriors had hoped...the goblins split into two forces, going to the right and left.

Meanwhile, the goblins were also supported by a unit of archers. A minor irritation with their weak bows, but they eventually helped win the game serving as reinforcements.

The Uruk hai berserkers took their toll, and took several warriors to bring down...

The goblin archers arrive and begin to swarm the central barricade...

The warriors stood to the last man, but the day was won by the goblins' superior numbers and the strength of the berserkers.