Thursday, June 19, 2014

I just wanted to share a few shots from my latest Zombicide game. The board was 6 x 3 tiles and included Season 1 tiles, Toxic City Mall tiles, and several custom pieces I've found online including a three piece motel and Ned's bunker. Three of my nephews (13-17) and my son (10) joined in for the fun.

Also worked in for the first time were several custom characters...Here's Frank.

My custom Glenn from The Walking Dead

Here's Wilson, also known as The Kingpin. I got this Malifaux figure at the recent CMON Expo in Atlanta.

No full detailed report here. We got slaughtered. These last two shots show how the last two survivors met their doom.

Wilson meeting the horde head on. To the left you can see my custom Daryl...he'd died earlier in the game and I allowed him to come back as a zombie...

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