Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruins from the Two Towers boxed set

I bought the Two Towers boxed set a while back and didn't even realize it came with a little ruins set. I pulled it out the other day to see what I could do with it. It's not a great piece, but with a little kitty litter and a decent base, it's usable. Kind of small, but it was fun to practice on!

The front entrance is almost big enough to squeeze in a mounted soldier. I cut out a base from some 1/4 inch wood and kind of jigged out a contoured edge instead of straight sides.

After gluing the ruins on, I covered the entire thing with sand and kitty litter. Then I undersprayed the entire piece with cheap Walmart flat black spray paint.

I drybrushed the entire piece with three layers: Medium gray, light gray, and faint highlights of white. These rocks were made from foamboard scraps.

I added a few tufts of static grass mixed with flock, and added some straight flock for ivy on one wall. You can see the approximate size from the 28mm Legolas inside...

All in all, a cool piece...especially since I didn't even realize I was getting it! I liked the results of multi-layer drybrushing as well.

Next up: Legolas, Gandalf, and progress on Aragorn!


  1. Nice, but how did you do the rocks? I got another thing I have made but haven't posted pictures quite yet. Hope to do so soon.

  2. Which rocks? The big ones were pinched off pieces of pink foam. I glued them down with white glue and then I painted them solid black with acrylics before spraying them. The little rocks are bits of kitty litter.