Sunday, April 17, 2011

Warg Riders progress

My son has been working diligently on his Warg's a quick update on his progress.

At this point they've been painted and dipped with a medium brown stain. No matte finish on the ones pictured, so they're still pretty shiny...

There are six in all...2 with sword, 2 with spear, 2 with bow...

I wish he'd gone with a little more variety for color, but I let him paint them the way he wanted...they are, after all, his Warg Riders.

I think he's done a pretty good job for a 7 yr old...I do hope to get another set for me and try my hand at them. But lots of other projects at the moment!


  1. Those are nice! Is he accepting commissions? 8^)

  2. Excellent job. He has good brush control. You only see a little paint on the base and when you flock them, they'll look even better.